Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What we've been up to - November edition

So much for my plan to post once a day in November.  Life has been hectic and there's the added twist that the Bronco Babies can read and use the computer and like to read the blog.  So no more Christmas spoilers or stories about brother/sister wrestling matches (oops - sorry Will!).  I have a bunch of Thanksgiving pictures to upload but my camera and camera cord are a few rooms away and I'm tired.  

We had a break from sports in November but basketball season for both kiddos starts next week. Reina is working on a school project where she has to write a week's worth of diary entries as a Pilgrim on the Mayflower.  Her version includes a cat (naturally) and specific emphasis on the fact that kids drank beer on the ship.  She's also requesting I make her a Pilgrim-era doll and a bonnet for her presentation on Monday. I'd better get cracking.  

Will's project this week is to write a timeline about his life so far. I plan on highlighting the whole project in a future blog post (with the author's permission of course).  It's been very entertaining to hear him talk about each year of his life and I'm delighted that he's been using our family blog as a reference material.  Plus, there are some cute photos that will make an appearance in Will's presentation that I've enjoyed looking through again.  Will decided to make a powerpoint and was surprised that I could help him get it started.  I am well versed in all things ppt thanks to my job and it's been fun helping him.  Will's also working on a mountain man/Wyoming history project but that'll be a topic for a future post too.  

Glenn and I are getting ready for the holidays, slowly but surely.  Glenn put up the Christmas lights this weekend, we are picking up a tree tomorrow (Coco will be so excited) and a bunch of the shopping is already done.  Bring on December!  

Monday, November 28, 2016

"Favorite Team Day" at school

Last Tuesday was 'wear your favorite jersey to school' at the kids' school, or as Will likes to call it, "Tuesday."  Reina happily wears whatever shirt Will has recently grown out of - no pink jerseys for her, thank you very much.  After much cajoling and some threatening (good thing the holidays are around the corner), I got to snap a quick picture of the two Broncos fans.  

Say cheese!
And then things started to escalate.  It was the last day of school before a holiday weekend so what did I expect?  

Uh oh little sister, you'd better watch out.

I took a class on reading body language a few months ago and I think this is called 'escalation.'  No one was hurt and no blood was shed.  She's a bit tougher than she looks.  

Here's one of the reasons why I haven't been able to blog as much lately.  Coco's watching her stories.  Again.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

The den makeover, continued

We've been redesigning our den since February, with a giant hand from my cousin at Laura Rennie Interiors -  Well I should clarify that I don't think my cousin has giant hands, but rather she's been a huge help in getting us to bring the den firmly into the 21st century.  Let's face it, it was stuck somewhere in the mid-1990's.  I'm still waiting on curtains and wall art but we have a couple of new couches, a new rug, new shelves, new end table and coffee table and it all looks great!  I'll have pictures of the whole room soon but this weekend I had a great coupon and bought this ottoman that doubles as storage and extra seating and an altar for football? 
I love the Broncos more than the average person but this wasn't necessarily the design aesthetic I was going for.  

Friday, November 18, 2016

What we're up to, pets edition

Enough about the Broncos Babies, let's talk about the pets!  I started this post to talk about Coco watching videos especially designed for cats but then I saw a chicken picture on my phone and then I felt guilty about the dogs and included them too.  So here's the rundown on the Pauley Pets. 

Our chicken girls are doing pretty well.  Today was their first taste of winter and they were a little unsure about the snow.  I don't think they like getting their feet wet so they stuck to the parts of the yard that have already melted.  All three girls are pretty friendly now, especially if you come outside with a snack or the treat bag.  A few weeks ago, I stepped outside with a Pringle in one hand to ask Glenn a question, Dolly (the blonde one) came running over to me and jumped up and grabbed my Pringle.  Snack food preferences aside, all three are laying eggs and we are getting between 0 and 3 eggs a day.  It's still pretty exciting. 

Lolly, Ren and Dolly.  Also known as my little chicken girls.
 Earlier today, I read an article that mentioned youtube videos designed especially for cats.  Last week, Coco watched part of a PBS show about cats (naturally) so of course I had to find the youtube videos.  She watched this one for almost twenty minutes and only stopped when she jumped on the keyboard and stopped the video. 
Here birdie, birdie, birdie
Let's not forget the dynamic duo of T&T. Tootsie and Trigger aren't slowing down much.  They still like to jog every day, sometimes twice a day if Glenn and I are on different schedules.  They love sleeping on the new couches which is a fight that I decided wasn't worth having. Luckily we have a good vacuum. They've both adjusted to the chickens.  In fact most days, the chickens are the queens of the backyard.  Both dogs have been pecked and usually keep a wide berth around the little chicken girls, unless they are eating something that Trigger finds interesting. 
Don't bother getting up guys.
Reina keeps making noises about wanting another fish for Christmas.  Coco is a big fan of that idea but the Bronco Babies Mom is feeling like the pet situation is pretty full up right now.  We are good. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why we live in Wyoming, reason 900-something

Right now, I'm sitting in our basement writing on the blog while it snows outside.  It's our first snowfall of the year and it's much welcomed for many reasons.  We need the moisture, we need something to ski on and I'm tired of all of my warm weather clothes for work.  We need to pull out the sweaters and boots and all of that fun stuff that's been sitting in the closet.  

Before the snow fell, I had to do some traveling for work.  I like to take the camera with me and get some pictures of agricultural activities that I can use at work.  I liked a few of them enough to put there on this blog too.  We love Wyoming!  

Split Rock near Lander, WY.  Located near the Oregon Trail, Split Rock can be seen for miles and used for navigation by more than just wagon trains.  

Near Riverton. 

I always picture thousands of Buffalo out on those plains, with the Wind River Mtns in the back.  

Sunday, November 13, 2016


I'm having trouble coming up with something to blog about everyday in November and it's not because nothing is going on around here.  We are in a break from kid sports seasons but Reina is still doing ballet, swimming and piano.  Will is trying out 4-H before the shooting sports season starts after the holidays.  Glenn is still knee deep in hunting season.  I'm playing volleyball and joined a new exercise class that is making me stupidly sore.  Most of us are all in with UW and Broncos football and everything else that's going on this time of year.  Yesterday, the kids had three birthday parties to attend and Glenn and I squeezed in a solo lunch to celebrate our 11th anniversary.  11!  

It was a nice weekend.  We continue to have unseasonably warm weather and frankly, we wouldn't mind a little moisture which is hopefully headed our way later in the week.  Our big Sunday project was to make burger out of the meat that Glenn has brought home this fall.  It's a big undertaking - between the prep and the actual work and the clean-up, it takes up most of our day.  I've been helping Glenn since the fall of 2004.  Every year, I write on the packages the type of animal, the cut of meat and the year.  This year, I had a little helper.  
'16  Elk.  Burger  Sometimes Buger or Bunger.  Writing carefully and proudly by my second-grader.  I love the punctuation after elk.  Elk.   
Some of us didn't participate in the meat wrapping assembly line but had equally important tasks to complete.   
A boy and a cat who chooses to be snuggled at a convenient time.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reina playing piano sideways

It's the day after the election.  Here's a picture of Reina playing the piano sideways.  That's just about all that I have the energy for tonight.  I tried to get a picture of Coco watching a nature show about cats on PBS but she wouldn't sit still long enough.  It was one of the only times I've noticed her noticing a show on tv.  A Canadian Lynx stalking a rabbit was her favorite part.  I wonder if that's what she'll dream about tonight?