Sunday, December 10, 2017

How we spent our Sunday afternoons

We took a break from holiday preparations to spend a little time watching some football.  Will and I headed to Denver for our final Broncos game of the season.  It hasn't been a banner year for Broncos football but the team showed up today and we watched a fun game.  Will and I have yet to attend a losing game together so our streak continues!  The weather was unseasonably nice - we were jacket-less until the sun fell behind the stadium.  We cheered and had some snacks and watched a shutout - Broncos won 23-0.  

We might be the Broncos good luck charm!  
 Will filled up my phone with shots of the field and the scoreboard.  He even tried taking a picture by holding up the phone to the binoculars.  Yes, certain parts of the game were less than exciting. 
Who's big kid is this?!
 While we were sitting in the sun in Denver, Glenn took Reina duck hunting.  It was a little chillier in Wyoming but they bundled up and spent the afternoon sitting near an iced-over pond.  Reina was a trooper and Glenn proudly told me that she had packed her own snacks!  The ducks won this round but a good time was had by all. 
Wearing big brother's camo... shhhhhh don't tell him!  

Friday, December 8, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like something

So it's December and didn't we just have Thanksgiving?  This month is flying by.  Surprisingly, I'm almost finished my Christmas shopping.  I'm mailing packages on Monday, a big chunk of the baking is done, I've wrapped a few presents and it's all coming together.  My weekend projects include cranking out a Christmas card and going with Will to the Broncos game on Sunday. This blog has been short on football news mostly because there is nothing fun to report.  I'll wear my Super Bowl 50 shirt on Sunday and look forward to brighter football days.  

Back on the homefront, the house is decorated.  We brought the tree home last Friday in what is Coco's favorite day of the year.  She loves that tree.  I think she's slept under it every night since we brought it home and every day after work I have to put back up a bunch of ornaments that have mysteriously landed on the floor.  Today, she somehow unwound a couple of laps of the lights.  Luckily the lights were unplugged.  
Yes, we see you.  
Earlier in the week, I started a batch of the Spritz - a recipe from the Pauley side of the family.  The spritz has to be pushed through a cookie press and Glenn helps me because honestly, I can't ever get the dough to come out.  So we started on the first batch and the dough was too cold and lo and behold, the handle on the press snapped.  We tried to glue it back in place but the press was broken.  Here's the blog-worthy part.  Glenn hopped in the car and drove to the store to buy a new one.  Be still my heart!  AND he filled up my gas tank while he was out.  Swoon!   

Lastly, meet Brownie, our Elf on the Shelf. I've made it a decade of parenting without bringing home an Elf until this year.  Thanks to my darling aunt (who couldn't resist Reina), Brownie is visiting us for the month.  So far, she's shown up in the dollhouse, the Christmas tree, the mantel, and one night she even took a few selfies.  Coco's interest in all of the Christmas decorations has so far not included Brownie, and let's hope it stays that way. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Odds & ends

Lots of Thanksgiving pictures coming soon but I'm still in a slight turkey haze.  So let's talk about chickens instead.  All three girls are still going strong.  We had an unpredictable summer of egg production because two of them went broody, meaning they really want to sit on eggs and not make any new ones.  We made it through that and then they started molting.  A quick google of 'molting' and it turns out that it's not a quick or pretty process.  It seems strange to me that an animal would lose most of it's feathers in a cold part of the year, but I'm not a chicken and it works for them.  All three are going through various stages of molting and I think one of them is finally done.  Black Chicken as we lazily call her when we can't remember which on is Lolly or Dolly, is smack dab in the middle of it.  Isn't she something?  Up close, you can see the new feathers coming in but her shiny black feathers are few and far between and the absence of fluffiness makes her look scrawny and slightly crazed.   But she's still interested in treats. 
Are you looking at me?  

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Early Turkey Dinner

Last week, the kids' school hosted their annual early Thanksgiving dinner. I had another friend describe it as turkey slurry over instant mashed potatoes but honestly, I'm just there for the pumpkin pie with crunchy crust dessert thing. It's delicious.  Oh, and I'm there to spend quality time with my favorite monsters, of course. I've had other friends tell me that fifth grade was the start of when they were no longer invited by their children to attend but Will was happy that I was showing up.  He and Reina have different lunch periods this year, which worked out well because I was only about halfway through my meal when Will's bell rang and it was time for Reina to come in.  During Will's lunch, we made changes to our fantasy football team.  And by 'we made changes' I really mean that Will undid all of the changes I had already made and made his decisions.  But we are in second place in our league so I should probably just keep my mouth shut.  
He did turn down my request for a selfie and was not super excited about this picture but at least I can prove that we had lunch together!  
 During Reina's lunch, we opted to head down the hall to the art room where it was a little quieter and we could chat.  She picked a table by the window so we could look out onto the playground.  Fancy!  We talked about her day and her plans for the afternoon.  I had to head out of town for a work trip right afterwards so it was a nice treat to get to spend a few minutes with them both.  And there was pumpkin pie. 
Someone is happy to take a mom selfie!  

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Girl(s) on the Run

We signed Reina up for Girls on the Run at her school earlier in the summer.  She wasn't too exited about that decision but I'd heard great things about the program and not-so-secretly, I think Reina could really enjoy running in the future and I think she's a natural!  She's tired of hearing me say that but her stride is so natural and it looks effortless. So anyway.  She started the 12-week Girls on the Run program in September and ran her final 5k race this morning.  She finished in under 45 minutes and I'm so proud of her!  The path was icy and it was a really chilly morning but she kept putting one foot in front of the other and crossed the finish line.  I hope there are a lot more family 5k's in our future.  

Before the race - Reina and her official running buddy - our friend Shelby.  

Race pics thanks to Shelby's mom!  Here's Glenn and Trigger.  Reina and I aren't too far behind and Will is w

Reina and I starting heading towards Mile 2.  
Will racing towards the finish line.  He ran by himself for most of the race because our pace well.... was not his.  There wasn't an official race clock but I'm pretty sure he beat my dream time for a 5k.  
Reina making the turn towards the finish line.  Once she saw the flags, she wanted to get that race over with and left me in the dust.

Officially done!  

Reina and Shelby post-race.  Look at those pink cheeks!  

Monday, November 13, 2017


Reina says that I had "love eyes" that day.  I think she's right.  
Yesterday, Glenn and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary.   We went out to dinner the weekend before and Glenn surprised me with a gorgeous pair of super sparkly earrings.  I see that the traditional gift for 12 years is silk or linen but I'll take my little jewelry box instead!  Glenn didn't want anything for the anniversary, we are in the midst of redoing some stuff around the house and even bought new toilets so apparently, he's good with that?  

At breakfast, Reina drew a picture of our wedding on the envelope of the card that my mom gave us.  Between my veil and long dress, Glenn's dapper suite and the googly eyes we are making at each other, I think Reina captured the spirit of that day very well.  And our hair looks fabulous.  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Veteran's Day Concert or A Series of Pictures of Will Looking Uncomfortable

The fifth-grade classes at Will's school performed in a Veteran's Day concert last night.  The students were instructed to dress nicely and Will agreed to wear his suit jacket "one last time" because it's getting a little too short in the arms.  I bought that jacket in late January and he has grown like a weed.  He wouldn't agree to a tie, just a button-down shirt.  Also, a little gel in the hair completed the look. 

It's a well-known fact on this blog that Will is not a fan of singing, singing in public, being on a stage, smiling while on a stage, or any of the rest of it.  He told us about the concert a few weeks ago and when I asked him Monday night what songs they would be singing, he replied with "songs about American, Mom."  Duh right?  The kids sang The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, Amazing Grace and My Country Tis o' Thee.  A few of the kids recited some lines about the branches of military service (Will opted out of that project).  It was very patriotic and a good reminder of what Veteran's Day is all about.  

I had my zoom lens on my camera but the light was a little low so these pictures are blurry.  But I think they appropriately chronicle Will's experience.  

Glenn and I started giggling right away. Will was in the back row, smack dab in the center and looked like he'd rather be anywhere else.... 
He did sing, or at least mouth the words.  
Is there an escape hatch on the stage floor?  
Wait, I believe that's somebody singing!  
Oh buddy. 
The students were given battery operated candles for "Amazing Grace" (tangent - mom crying alert) and Will's flickered on and off which led to him shaking it aggressively whilst not singing.  Good stuff.  

Let's go ahead and file this one under "things that will make him angry at me in the future" but oh Will, we love watching you sing, even if you are hating every minute of it.  You look so grown-up up there and I appreciate you participating in something because it's the right thing to do, even if it's way outside of your comfort zone.  And thanks for helping us remember what Veteran's Day is all about.